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Getting it Right on Your First Date

Online Dating Sites-The Winning Tips! Now that your online partner has confirmed the dinner date, you must be having butterflies in your stomach. But wait; don’t you think you should be a little more prepared to avoid past blunders? Getting it right on your first date can be a daunting task because the first one on one meeting has more challenges than meeting and chatting on online dating sites.

But then where’s the fun without some challenges?

It’s immensely thrilling and equally nerve-wrecking to get an invitation for your first date, especially if you are worried about committing mistakes. Online dating sites are loaded with tips to help you get started and in fact get everything right on your first date. However, too much information on anything can be overwhelming!

As the old saying goes ‘First impression is the last impression’, so without any further ado here are some quick tips to get your first date spot on:

Get Up and Close – Getting closer and physically intimate with your first date after meeting on online dating sites might sound “Little too fast and a Little too early”; but that’s the whole point. Getting closer and slowly becoming a part of her personal space should not be intimidating if you are able to pull it off with confidence and poise. You can sit close to your date during dinner so that your body is nearly touching or touching your partner’s. There’s no need to maintain that awkward distance because once you and your partner are comfortable in each other’s company, the easier it will be to get intimate and frank.

Stop Pushing the envelope – Stop trying to convince your partner that you are his/her perfect date. You start doing that and you have already lost the game. After chatting with confidence on online dating sites, desperation may be all over your face and it’s very tough to stop that from showing. Thus instead of laying down your talents, taste, aspirations or dreams on the table, listen to what your partner has to say. Be a good listener and they only you will get deeper insight into his/her dreams, talents, aspirations and dreams.

Stop being too romantic – Too much of anything is bad. If you are being too romantic on your first date and trying to force a connection, you are going to fall flat on your face. Take it easy instead and let your connect show up naturally without forcing it upon your partner. If the relationship really has the spark, it will definitely be more pronounced without any extra effort. If you follow these simple but effective tips and unwritten rules for the online dating game, you will succeed at charming your potential partner and win them over right on your first date.


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